Pinnacle Personal Training has a team of trainers who specialize in different areas to meet the needs of each individual. With Pinnacle you can expect:

MOBILITY. We go wherever you are--your home, job or even outdoors! We bring our own equipment (including: resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls, mats, dumbells & more). All we need is space.

ACCESS. We are available around the clock to meet the demands of your schedule. We will work with you to create a workout schedule to fit your busy lifestyle.

CERTIFICATIONS. Pinnacle trainers are CPR certified and highly trained to ensure that we can accommodate health concerns and clients of all ages.

BLUEPRINTS. We can provide written workout programs that you can follow when you're exercising without your trainer. Each blueprint is designed for your individual fitness level and goals. It can be used to:

  • complement your training program
  • help you maintain your fitness level after achieving your goals, or
  • provide an option to keep you on track when you're unable to meet with a trainer

Pinnacle Personal Training has a solid history in exercise, health and athletics. With our dedication and your commitment, you can "Maximize your fitness!"

Coming Soon: NEW Pinnacle Products including A.C.T. Energy Drinks and MP4 Downloads!